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Advanced Techniques

Managing Focus

Managing focus is a common challenge for UI libraries, because rendering often happens asynchronously. Reef includes a focus() function that you can use to set focus on an element after the next render occurs.

Pass in a selector for the element you want to set focus on as an argument. It will set focus on the target element, if one exists, after the next reef:render event is emitted.

let {focus} = reef;

If you’re using the render() method to render the UI, you need to run the focus() method first. If you’re using the component() method, you can run it before or after.

// You have to run focus() before the render() function
render('#app', template());

// With component(), it can go before or after
component('#app', template);

Try setting focus on CodePen →

⚠️ Use this sparingly. You generally only need to set focus in limited circumstances, like if your initial UI render is delayed when calling an API.