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A tiny utility library for building reactive state-based UI.

Reef is a simpler alternative to React, Vue, and other UI libraries. No build steps. No fancy syntax. Just vanilla JS and a few small utility functions.

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  • Weighs just 2.6kb minified and gzipped, with zero dependencies.
  • Simple templating with JavaScript strings or template literals.
  • Load it with a <script> element or ES module import—no command line or transpiling required (though you can if you want).
  • Uses DOM diffing to update only the things that have changed.
  • Automatically sanitizes HTML before rendering to help protect you from cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.
  • Write vanilla JS, and use a few small utility methods only when they’re needed.
  • Compatible with all modern browsers.

Make web development fun and simple again!

Hi, I'm Chris Ferdinandi. 👋

I help people learn front-end web development, and I believe there’s a simpler, more resilient way to make things for the web.

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